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We asked experienced security experts
What are the most likely causes of security issues
that CISSP certification training should cover?
We got countless answers with very little overlap.
However, the underlying cause behind almost every serious security issue is the same
No one noticed a gap between responsibilities
In other words, something was forgotten
These security gaps can result in all sorts of unpleasant consequences
We train your security team to see the big picture
They’ll know how their responsibilities tie in with other parts of security and the business
So you don’t end up with security gaps

Our training makes better security professionals – the CISSP exam proves they learned

The CISSP certification exam tests people’s understanding of the whole corporate security space from fire safety to cryptography. It tests their ability to see the big picture and validates their competence in security by passing a rigorous exam.

However, the CISSP exam is just an exam. For most organizations, having certified employees is not the goal.

What matters is your security team’s competence in practice. That’s what we focus on.

Instead of asking people to memorize information, we make sure they know how to apply the concepts in practice. That makes the CISSP exam a lot easier for them, too.

Your employees will thank you
for choosing us

Seriously upgraded CISSP study materials

Many organizations use various sources to prepare their professionals for the CISSP exam. While most of these materials are accurate, they require a staggering amount of perseverance to get through.

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For example, the official CISSP study guide is 1,300 pages of small print.

  • Our study guide covers everything in the CISSP exam, concisely
  • Highlights what’s most important to review
  • and helps students understand how to apply it all in practice.
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Automatically efficient studying

The CISSP exam is a mile wide and an inch deep. That is, there are tons of topics to understand, but it’s easy to waste time digging unnecessarily deep into a single topic.

Our CISSP training system has a knowledge assessment after each section. If a student needs to review something, they get direct links to all of our relevant study resources.

Next, test your understanding

Focused on critical concepts you need to know for the exam

Based on your results our system will guide your studies

Review your assessment results

Learn more where needed

Look at each question you got wrong or marked as “Don’t know”

For each question you get a brief explanation

In-depth MasterClass videos

Detailed / in-depth written explanation

Associated terms & definitions

MindMap video to visually review

References to further reading

References to further reading

  • A brief explanation covering the logic behind the question.
  • In-depth MasterClass video by expert instructors Rob & John.
  • Detailed / in-depth written explanation.
  • Associated terms & definitions.
  • MindMap video to visually review.
  • References to further reading
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Automatically up-to-date, personalized CISSP study schedule

Your security team needs to keep the organization’s assets safe while studying for the exam. If they study during work hours, it can easily impact their responsibilities. If they do it in their spare time, it can easily become too stressful.

Our CISSP training adjusts to the schedule they set. It also updates itself as they progress, so they always have an up-to-date, personalized plan that fits their schedule.

  • Easily create a schedule that works for you.
  • Select from preset course schedules.
  • Or create your own completely personalized schedule.

Nearly all our students pass the CISSP exam on their first attempt

Our goal is to prepare students to confidently pass on their first attempt. If you invest in training 10 people in your security team, we want all 10 of them to get CISSP certified. It’s up to them to study, but we provide the study tools and materials to make it as easy as possible for them.

Almost all of our students pass the CISSP exam on their first attempt — and on schedule. The few who are unsuccessful on their first attempt, not only have access to all the study materials, but also get additional personal support from an amazing mentor to make sure they know what to do differently to pass on their second attempt.

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Hear from our students

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Charlie Gibson

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Dan VanBeek

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Valery Rinconi Sllim

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Craig Caldwell

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Kush Behl

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Asim Khwaja

No CISSP exam vouchers for you to manage

You don’t need to keep track of when vouchers expire or when to order more. Each team member can reserve their exam time just as easily as they can reserve a time for a hairdresser.

Skill transfer guarantee

If your team member leaves the organization within a year of passing the CISSP exam, we train their replacement free of charge.

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Taught by experts even ISC2 trusts

We have a long history of teaching corporate CISSP classes (total of 30+ years between the two of us). Thousands (likely 20,000+, we’ve lost count) of our students have passed the exam.

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Rob Witcher

Co-founder & Master


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John Berti

Co-founder & Master


In addition to teaching security professionals, here are a few things we’ve done:

  • We have helped ISC2 in creating and updating their curriculums.
  • We have taken part in creating the official CISSP exam questions.
  • We have reviewed other training companies’ study materials for accuracy on behalf of ISC2.
  • We have run the official ISC2 train-the-trainer program, so many other teachers are our former students.
  • We have run CISSP training classes that our competitors’ have attended to see why our students pass the exam so consistently on their first try.
  • We have facilitated ISC2 in launching new designations such as the CCSP.
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What our students say about our training

Peter Villano

Rob, John and Lou were the perfect teachers and mentors during my time in the CISSP MasterClass. I could not have been more pleased with the level of instruction; it struck the perfect balance between technical information, and unmatched knowledge of the CISSP test itself.

Sergey Faleev

Destination Certification is the best, most up-to-date and concise guide for the CISSP exam. Rob and John are charismatic and knowledgeable instructors who help you make the most out of your learning experience.

Aaron Jenkins

I honestly can’t thank everyone at Destination Certification enough! The program is world class and so is the passion and support from all involved. They truly care about you and want you to pass the exam and be the best security professional you can be. Thanks again!

Nagarjuna Atluri

Choosing Destination Certification Masterclass was THE best decision I made for preparing for this beast of an exam. The content is top-notch - easily digestible, never a dull moment and really helps you get into a Manager/CEO mindset right from the beginning. I would like to thank Rob, John and Lou for this amazing program.

Abdul Majeed Qaderi

I am pleased to share my feedback about Destination Certification's training material, which played a crucial role in my successful CISSP exam preparation. The comprehensive and well-structured content provided a solid foundation of knowledge, while the clear explanations and real-world examples helped me grasp complex concepts effectively.

Daniel Morrison

Working with Destination Certification is truly an incredible experience. You genuinely enjoy participating in this training. Everyone is readily available and fully dedicated to assisting you in successfully passing the CISSP exam. You won't require anything more. I highly recommend it.

Lexie Martinez

I extremely enjoyed the Destination Certification Masterclass and how John, Rob, and Team were able to break topics down so they are understandable. I felt so engaged throughout the whole course and absolutely recommended the Destination Certification Team!!

Alessandro Rizzolini

Certification Destination's Masterclass brings everything needed with to successfully pass the CISSP exam: Fantastic video material, mindmaps summarizing the most important concepts, Flashcards and quizzes and a really great book.

Devin Acosta

Destination Certification training videos are simply some of the best videos I have used. It was actually very easy to watch the videos and be fully engaged. The material is very straight forward and to the point. It has been a great resource for preparing for my CISSP and I can’t highly recommend it enough to those looking to study.

Charlie Gibson