2024 CISSP Exam Changes

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Just like our favorite software receiving updates, the security world thrives on staying current. The CISSP exam, the gold standard of security certifications, is no stranger to this tune. The CISSP exam is gearing up for its latest update on April 15, 2024.

So, what’s changing? How big a deal is this change? Should you throw out all your existing CISSP books?

To briefly answer those questions: Not a lot, it isn’t, and no.

If you want to delve deeper into the changes, we’ve created this article here, helping you grasp what's new, what remains, and what it means for aspiring CISSP professionals.

And we’ve created this in-depth video which covers all of the new material in detail!

What is the CISSP exam refresh?

The CISSP exam undergoes a refresh approximately every three years through the Job Task Analysis (JTA) by ISC2. This meticulous review ensures the exam remains aligned with the dynamic cybersecurity landscape. ISC2's commitment to regular updates underscores their dedication to maintaining the CISSP certification as a pinnacle in the information security industry.

It isn’t about change for the sake of change but ensuring the exam reflects the realities and challenges of the modern-day cybersecurity professional.

What's Changing?

While this update is considered minor, it brings important adjustments to the exam outline. There are 31 new topics and an entirely new section in Domain 3. The Network Security Domain (Domain 4) contains the largest amount of new material.

The exam format is also evolving. For English test-takers, the CAT format will have a reduced time limit of 3 hours and 25 fewer questions than the current exam: a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 150 items. Meanwhile, the linear format for other languages remains unchanged with a 6-hour time limit and 225 scored items.

So, if you’re planning to take your exam after April 15, be prepped and primed for the 2024 update.

Staying ahead: The CISSP way

If you are gearing up for the newly refreshed CISSP exam, let us be your guide!

We're not just here to guide; we're on this journey with you, step by step. Rest assured, from our CISSP online training to practice questions, everything we offer will echo the latest updates, ensuring you're primed and ready for the updated exam.

We are already hard at work updating our MasterClass materials, and we expect to have the new version of our class ready from prime time by the end of March. If you enroll in our class now, you will have access to all of these updates as we make them!

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